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20 October 2020
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The Best Way to Get Rid of Chronic Joint Pain Without Surgery

20 October 2020, Comments: 0

You’ve tried everything — physical therapy, arthritis or anti-inflammatory medications, harmful and addictive pain medications, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture. Chances are, if you have chronic joint pain, you have tried at least a few of these. And while they can often be effective means of strengthening your joints and reducing pain, they aren’t the end solution for everyone. If you feel […]

10 October 2020
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What Is Nonsurgical RegenaJoint, and How Can It Reduce Joint Pain?

10 October 2020, Comments: 0

Are you scared of surgery? If so, you’re not alone. Many people avoid surgeries at all costs because they are afraid of being “put under,” they don’t want a lengthy recovery, or they are afraid of increased pain. If you prefer to avoid unnecessary surgeries but you need new solutions to chronic joint pain, RegenaJoint can help. What causes chronic […]

20 August 2020
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How Many Stem Cell Treatments Are Required for Results?

20 August 2020, Comments: 0

If you’ve been researching alternatives to joint replacement surgery, you’ve probably come across at least some information about stem cell therapies. Regenerative medicine is one of the newest alternative treatments that is available for treating joint conditions and injuries. During a stem cell treatment, the doctor will harvest stem cells from your own body and prepare them for injection into […]

10 August 2020
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Home Activities to Maintain or Improve Range of Motion

10 August 2020, Comments: 0

One of the most important things you can do to avoid joint replacement surgery is to improve your range of motion in the joint. As the joint becomes more flexible, the inflammation and swelling that cause pain will decrease significantly, improving your quality of life.  There are several ways that we can help you delay or avoid surgery. We often […]

20 July 2020
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Common Causes of Chronic Joint Pain

20 July 2020, Comments: 0

Chronic joint pain is actually much more common than you might think. When people first think about joint pain, they usually think about the knees, hips, or shoulder, but joint pain can settle into any joint, including the ankle or elbow. There could be several possibilities for the origin of your pain, and these are just a few. Arthritis Did […]

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