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10 June 2020
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Common Complications of Joint Replacement Surgery

10 June 2020, Comments: 0

There are risks associated with any type of surgery, and joint replacement surgery is no different. Some risks are common to all types of surgery, while some post-surgical complications are unique to the joint replacement surgery. Here are the most common complications you might experience. Post-Surgical Infections A post-surgical infection is possible anytime you have a surgical operation. There are […]

20 May 2020
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How Long Does It Take for Stem Cell Therapy to Work?

20 May 2020, Comments: 0

Often, when people try stem cell therapy for chronic joint pain or joint problems, they are looking to the treatment as a miracle that will get them back on their feet. Unfortunately, stem cell therapy is not a cure all, and it isn’t a miracle that happens overnight. In fact, it can take some time for stem cell therapy to […]

10 May 2020
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The Basics of Stem Cell Therapy

10 May 2020, Comments: 0

As you may know, our medical practice incorporates the use of stem cell therapy to treat orthopedic concerns such as arthritis, shoulder injuries, joint injuries, and chronic joint pain. While there are other potential treatments for these conditions such as pain management, physical therapy, medications, and surgery, stem cell therapy can be of more benefit. In fact, stem cell therapy […]

20 April 2020
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Stem Cell Therapy Vs. Joint Replacement: What You Need to Know

20 April 2020, Comments: 0

If you have chronic joint problems, your doctor may have suggested joint replacement. Although most doctors try to avoid surgery when possible, often the most effective treatment for joint pain is to replace the joint. Now some doctors are using stem cell therapies to try to avoid surgery. Here’s what you need to know. Why Avoid Joint Replacement? Most doctors […]

10 April 2020
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The Effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy for Joints

10 April 2020, Comments: 0

There are a number of conditions that can cause joint deterioration or joint pain, although the most common is arthritis. Regardless of what causes your joint pain and stiffness, stem cell therapy could be an alternative treatment. Here’s what you need to know about stem cell therapy for joints and how it is effective. What Is Stem Cell Therapy for […]

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