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10 October 2019
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PRP and Stem Cell Therapies as Alternative Pain Management

10 October 2019, Comments: 0

Chronic joint pain can be debilitating. Even if the joint feels stable enough to hold weight, it may be so painful that your mobility is affected. Common treatments for chronic joint pain include physical therapy, and many doctors recommend surgery when physical therapy fails. But now there is a new treatment that when combined with physical therapy can help you […]

20 September 2019
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Three Common Degenerative Problems that Can Be Treated with Stem Cells

20 September 2019, Comments: 0

When it comes to orthopedic care, you want to know that you have the very best treatments available to you. There are several degenerative orthopedic conditions that can be treated with stem cells. Treatment of these conditions with stem cells can help stop or even reverse the damage done due to these degenerative issues. Here are the three most common […]

10 September 2019
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Three Potential Benefits of Regenerative Stem Cell Orthopedic Treatment

10 September 2019, Comments: 0

Regenerative stem cell orthopedic treatment is the latest in orthopedic medicine, and it has a lot of potential benefits to you. Unlike traditional orthopedic treatment, stem cell therapies can actually hasten healing and reverse the effects of certain injuries or arthritic conditions. Stem cell treatments are often used in conjunction with traditional treatments for the most effective balance of medicine. […]

20 July 2019
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Advantages of RegenaJoint Vs. Joint Replacement

20 July 2019, Comments: 0

RegenaJoint is one of the newest nonsurgical treatments for chronic joint pain. This amazing new medical technology allows for vast improvements in mobility and pain reduction without invasive surgery and long recoveries. Here is why RegenaJoint is better than a joint replacement. Minimally Invasive Procedure RegenaJoint is a minimally invasive procedure that involves injecting a mixture of stem cells, concentrated […]

10 July 2019
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Avoid Surgery with Stem Cell Treatments

10 July 2019, Comments: 0

Have you been told that you are going to need surgery for your joint issues? Whether you have a torn rotator cuff or shoulder injury, arthritic knees, or spinal issues, there are a number of new treatments that can help you avoid a difficult surgery and long recovery. One of the most effective new treatments is stem cell therapy. Here’s […]

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