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10 March 2020
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What the Tendons Do and How to Treat Strains

10 March 2020, Comments: 0

Many people are not aware of the difference between ligaments and tendons, and it can cause some confusion if you get a joint injury. A ligament is fibrous tissue connecting bone to bone. A tendon is fibrous tissue that connects muscle to bone or muscle to a structure like an eyeball.  When you stretch the ligament but don’t tear it, […]

20 February 2020
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Joint Instability and What You Can Do About It

20 February 2020, Comments: 0

Joint instability is an issue that can arise with many potential causes. What you probably know as the patient is that your joint feels weak and is not able to function normally. It may also be painful. Joint instability doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion or something that you have to live with indefinitely. There are several treatment options […]

10 February 2020
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All About Arthritis: Symptoms and Treatments

10 February 2020, Comments: 0

Have you been experiencing joint pain or have a recent diagnosis of arthritis? There are different types of arthritis, but all of them cause joint pain and a host of other symptoms. There are also several different treatments available. Here is what you need to know. What Is Arthritis? Arthritis is the general term used for the breaking down of […]

20 January 2020
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Top Three Reasons to Avoid Hip Replacement

20 January 2020, Comments: 0

Hip pain can be difficult to live with. It can make everyday activities seem impossible. It can be debilitating, affecting your mobility and making it difficult to move throughout your day. When hip pain is persistent, some doctors want to do a hip replacement. However, there are some very good reasons to try other therapies first.  Long Recovery Time If […]

10 January 2020
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Three Most Common Elbow Injuries and Their Treatment

10 January 2020, Comments: 0

Some joint injuries are most likely to happen to athletes, but elbow injuries can happen to anyone. Elbow injuries can occur with repetitive movement over the course of months or years. They can also occur as an acute injury from overexertion or carrying too much weight. Here are the most common elbow injuries and how they can be treated. Tendinosis […]

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