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20 July 2020
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Common Causes of Chronic Joint Pain

20 July 2020, Comments: 0

Chronic joint pain is actually much more common than you might think. When people first think about joint pain, they usually think about the knees, hips, or shoulder, but joint pain can settle into any joint, including the ankle or elbow. There could be several possibilities for the origin of your pain, and these are just a few. Arthritis Did […]

10 July 2020
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When to See Your Doctor About Chronic Joint Pain

10 July 2020, Comments: 0

Have you been coping with increasing pain and stiffness in your joints? Many people silently cope with chronic joint pain because they assume it is a natural part of getting old, or they just don’t want to take the time to go to the doctor. But when joint pain reaches a certain level, it becomes imperative that you see a […]

20 June 2020
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How RegenaJoint Treats Chronic Joint Pain Without Surgery

20 June 2020, Comments: 0

Chronic joint pain has many potential causes. Most causes of chronic joint pain can be treated without surgery. Even if you have tried other treatments and they didn’t help, RegenaJoint could be the solution standing between you and joint replacement surgery.  What Is RegenaJoint? This innovative treatment is based on the continuing and surprising research coming out about stem cells. […]

10 June 2020
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Common Complications of Joint Replacement Surgery

10 June 2020, Comments: 0

There are risks associated with any type of surgery, and joint replacement surgery is no different. Some risks are common to all types of surgery, while some post-surgical complications are unique to the joint replacement surgery. Here are the most common complications you might experience. Post-Surgical Infections A post-surgical infection is possible anytime you have a surgical operation. There are […]

20 May 2020
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How Long Does It Take for Stem Cell Therapy to Work?

20 May 2020, Comments: 0

Often, when people try stem cell therapy for chronic joint pain or joint problems, they are looking to the treatment as a miracle that will get them back on their feet. Unfortunately, stem cell therapy is not a cure all, and it isn’t a miracle that happens overnight. In fact, it can take some time for stem cell therapy to […]

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