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20 September 2018
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Introducing Stem Cells, the New Solution to Pain

20 September 2018, Comments: 0

Chronic pain has become an epidemic in America. From rheumatoid arthritis to torn ligaments, there are many different reasons that adults suffer chronic pain without relief. In years past, very few (if any!) treatments offered lasting relief. They might have covered symptoms temporarily or even made the issue worse. Fortunately, regenerative medicine is changing all of that. Today, regenerative medicine […]

10 September 2018
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Seniors Can Use Regenerative Medicine to Address Knee Pain and OA

10 September 2018, Comments: 0

If you are over the age of 60 and suffer from osteoarthritis, you are one of millions dealing with this chronic and degenerative condition. OA occurs most frequently in the hands, hip, and knees, leading to reduced range of motion and ongoing pain. Until now, no treatment was capable of offering significant OA pain relief while also addressing the root […]

31 July 2018
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Fake Stem Cells Making it to Prime Time?

31 July 2018, Comments: 0

Stem cell therapy is proving to be an effective and safe way to treat musculoskeletal disorders while avoiding unnecessary surgeries. We know.  We have been performing stem cell therapies for almost a decade now. There has been a tremendous increase in public awareness and interest on stem cell therapies over the last few years. Unfortunately, this has also led to […]

20 July 2018
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What Is Causing Your Neck Pain?

20 July 2018, Comments: 0

Do you find yourself frequently stretching, moving, and turning your neck to try to shake the lingering feeling of discomfort? If so, you may have a neck problem you’re not aware of. As the part of the spine responsible for the widest range of motion, your neck is vulnerable to pain and overexertion. It’s important not to ignore signs of […]

10 July 2018
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Which Type of Arthritis Is Causing You Pain?

10 July 2018, Comments: 0

If you are suffering from chronic arthritis pain, you are hardly alone. Arthritis is the most common cause of disability in America, and millions of people are affected by the symptoms of arthritis like inflammation, reduced range of motion, and stiffness. Though arthritis is often referred to as one single condition, it is actually an umbrella term for more than […]

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