Regenerative Treatments

How Does it Work?

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Think about some of the other things you’ve already tried for joint pain like collagen supplements, glucosamine. These over-the-counter medications are meant to replace vital components to healthy joint function that diminish in our bodies over time. Similarly, the stem cells we’re all born with in our bodies are designed to repair damage to our tissues, including joints. They too diminish over time, leaving joints to sustain damage and also deteriorate, causing pain. Our process concentrates those stem cells and delivers them right to the injured or painful joint, allowing nature to find the true source of pain and correct it.

Regenerative treatments only take a couple of hours and consist of an injection of customized therapeutic solution to the affected joint. Most patients experience only mild discomfort as you would with a blood draw at your general practitioner’s office, and little to no post-treatment pain or swelling.

Within a matter of days, your body is actively repairing your joint, and you’ll start experiencing less and less pain as time goes by. You’ll be able to continue your daily activities without physical therapy or post-operative wound care. In just 2-3 months the joint will be significantly or even fully healed and you’ll be able to get back to what you enjoy doing most.

Joint and back surgeries have potential serious risks that includes blood clots, pulmonary embolism, infections, nerve damage, prosthesis failure, and loss of function; and that doesn’t even include the risks of anesthesia. Our stem cell and blood platelet procedures are a viable alternative to elective surgery without any of the risks and at a fraction of the cost. - Dr. Erick Grana

Here is a comparison between Joint replacement surgery and regenerative medicine treatments:
Regenerative Treatment
Joint Replacement Surgery
Hospital stay
3-6 days
Return to normal activities
A few days
3 months or more
Complication rate
Less than 1%
Mobility aids needed
canes ,crutches, walker

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