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10 May 2021
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Stem Cell Treatment for Herniated Discs

10 May 2021, Comments: 0

  The spinal discs are crucial to the overall health of the spine. Unfortunately, when the spine is repeatedly put under strain, a herniated disc may occur. This spinal injury can cause significant pain and discomfort but may be successfully treated with stem cell therapy.

20 April 2021
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How Stem Cell Therapy Helps with Neck and Back Pain

20 April 2021, Comments: 0

Neck and back pain are among the most common medical complaints today. Whether caused by a sedentary lifestyle, degenerative condition, sports injury, or overuse, both neck and back pain can get in the way of your day-to-day activities. If you’re experiencing chronic or debilitating neck or back pain, stem cell therapy is a non-surgical treatment option that can provide you […]

10 April 2021
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How Long Do Stem Cell Injections Last?

10 April 2021, Comments: 0

Stem cell injections are an exciting regenerative treatment option that can heal injuries and degenerative conditions without surgery! Stem cells are the foundation of regenerative medicine. There are several common questions among patients. One such question is how long stem cell injections will last.  Let’s discuss the duration of stem cell injections and what you can expect after undergoing this […]

20 March 2021
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What Are Stem Cells?

20 March 2021, Comments: 0

Stem cell therapy and its capacity to heal a broad range of conditions are gaining prevalence in orthopedic treatment, but what exactly are stem cells, anyway?  Defining Stem Cells All of us have stem cells in our bodies. They’re considered the master cells of the body, meaning that they’re used to form all other types of cells. From nerve cells […]

10 March 2021
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How RegenaSpine Is Your Alternative to Spinal Surgery

10 March 2021, Comments: 0

For those suffering from chronic or severe back pain, finding an effective treatment option is extremely important. However, even for debilitating back pain, spinal surgery isn’t the only option. In fact, opting for alternative treatments to avoid the risks associated with spinal surgery is often a superior option.  RegenaSpine is a nonsurgical treatment option available for patients with chronic spinal […]

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