How RegenaSpine Is Your Alternative to Spinal Surgery

10 March 2021
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10 March 2021, Comments: 0

For those suffering from chronic or severe back pain, finding an effective treatment option is extremely important. However, even for debilitating back pain, spinal surgery isn’t the only option. In fact, opting for alternative treatments to avoid the risks associated with spinal surgery is often a superior option. 

RegenaSpine is a nonsurgical treatment option available for patients with chronic spinal pain. Let’s learn more about this regenerative treatment and how it can offer you lasting relief from back and neck pain. 

How Does RegenaSpine Work?

RegenaSpine is a treatment that combines stem cells, platelets, and growth factors to provide lasting relief from chronic neck and back pain. This nonsurgical procedure applies these regenerative therapies to the discs and joints in the spine, as well as the surrounding tendons and ligaments. 

By delivering stem cells, platelets, and growth factors to the spine, RegenaSpine treatment will facilitate your body’s natural healing process. This regenerative method will support the body in gradually repairing the damaged spinal tissue, providing powerful pain relief. 

What Are the Benefits of RegenaSpine Over Spinal Surgery? 

Unfortunately, spinal surgeries commonly don’t provide long-term improvement to spinal pain. This is because surgery doesn’t address the root of spinal pain, leading to a high rate of failure. 

RegenaSpine, on the other hand, is a customized therapeutic treatment designed to target the specific spinal concern that’s causing your pain. The stem cells, platelets, and growth factors will gradually heal the injured area, transforming the damaged tissue into healthy tissue. By resolving the injury that’s causing your spinal pain, RegenaSpine provides impressive results without requiring you to go under the knife. 

Additionally, RegenaSpine requires no hospital stay and a recovery time of just a few days. As a regenerative treatment, it has a very low rate of complication and doesn’t cause scarring. 

RegenaSpine is the nonsurgical treatment option that many patients need for back and neck pain. Contact Regenerative Orthopedic Institute today to learn more about this cutting-edge treatment option. 

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