Three Potential Benefits of Regenerative Stem Cell Orthopedic Treatment

10 September 2019
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10 September 2019, Comments: 0

Regenerative stem cell orthopedic treatment is the latest in orthopedic medicine, and it has a lot of potential benefits to you. Unlike traditional orthopedic treatment, stem cell therapies can actually hasten healing and reverse the effects of certain injuries or arthritic conditions. Stem cell treatments are often used in conjunction with traditional treatments for the most effective balance of medicine. Here are three potential benefits of regenerative stem cell therapies.

Faster Recovery Time

If you have had an orthopedic injury, you may be looking at several weeks or months of recovery. Recovery from an orthopedic injury usually involves a lot of physical therapy and can sometimes require surgery. Surgery can sometimes be avoided with stem cell therapies, as the stem cells facilitate healing and can make surgery unnecessary. Whether you have surgery or not, stem cell therapies can help speed up the healing and recovery process.

Reverse Arthritis

Stem cell therapies have been found to be able to stop or reverse the deterioration that occurs with arthritis. Arthritis causes the joints to become weak and deteriorate. Stem cells can be used to help regenerate cartilage and connective tissues that make up the joint. This can stop the degeneration and give you more time before needing other treatments. In some cases, stem cell therapy can even reverse the damage to cartilage.

Avoid Surgery

Many people with an orthopedic injury require surgical repair of the joint before true healing can begin. However, doctors prefer to avoid surgery whenever possible. Most doctors will require you to try other treatments and physical therapy before deciding on surgery. Another way that you can avoid surgery is with stem cell therapies that hasten healing and can eliminate the need for surgical correction.

If you are interested in a regenerative medicine approach to your orthopedic injury or health concerns, contact us today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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