Give Regenerative Medicine a Chance to Heal Your Body

20 January 2017
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20 January 2017, Comments: Comments Off on Give Regenerative Medicine a Chance to Heal Your Body

jointsIf you’re not yet familiar with regenerative medicine, now is definitely the time to learn about the newest arena of medicine that now offers solutions and cures that had previously been deemed impossible. Using natural tools like stem cells and platelet rich plasma, regenerative medicine makes it possible to fully heal damaged tissues and organs. If your body needs any type of healing, let regenerative medicine work for you.

What’s the Secret to Regenerative Medicine?
Regenerative medicine treatments harness stem cells, which are “blank” or unassigned cells that are waiting to be given a purpose. Stem cells have incredible healing power and work naturally to repair damage to your tissues and joints. However, some injuries are too severe for stem cells to resolve in their natural quantities. This is where regenerative medicine comes in to concentrate stem cells, prepare them to serve a certain purpose, and then deliver them directly to the injured part of the body. You can think of this process as an injection of a natural and effective healing agent.

After a stem cell injection, the body begins to actively repair itself, and pain and other problems begin to diminish as the body becomes stronger. In just a few months, your body has the ability to recover without any surgery, downtime, or surgical wound care. It’s an incredible accomplishment to avoid surgery and still fully heal.

As Dr. Erick Grana of Regenerative Orthopedic Institute in Tampa, Florida explains, “Joint and back surgeries have potential serious risks that includes blood clots, pulmonary embolism, infections, nerve damage, prosthesis failure, and loss of function; and that doesn’t even include the risks of anesthesia. Stem cell and blood platelet procedures are a viable alternative to elective surgery without any of the risks and at a fraction of the cost.”

Whether you are suffering from painful joints, chronic back pain, ankle and foot conditions, rotator cuff tears, or any other musculoskeletal problems, regenerative medicine is your solution.