18 December 2023
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18 December 2023, Comments: Comments Off on Common Sports Injuries

Athletes can become injured in the blink of an eye. Whether from a sudden fall or repetitive strain, a sports injury can quickly send you to the bench. However, understanding prevalent sports injuries can help you more effectively protect your body and reach your physical peak. 

Some of the most common sports injuries include:

Sprains and Strains

Sprains involve stretched or torn ligaments, while strains involve a stretched or torn muscle. They can be either acute or chronic, developing from a sudden fall or repeated overuse. Additionally, sprains and strains range significantly in severity. 

Mild sprains and strains can usually be treated at home with rest, ice, compression, and elevation. However, moderate to severe forms of these injuries may require professional medical care for a complete recovery. 


Tendinitis occurs when a tendon, which attaches muscle to bone, becomes inflamed. It’s an overuse injury that can cause pain, stiffness, swelling, and a cracking or popping sensation around the affected tendon. 

Many types of tendinitis exist, including tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and runner’s knee. Treatment options include pain medications and regenerative therapies, which can effectively lessen inflammation, restore damaged tissue, and alleviate pain. 


Bursitis develops when the bursae surrounding a joint become inflamed. Bursae are small, fluid-filled sacs that cushion joints to prevent damage. Repetitive motions and positions that place pressure on the bursae can lead to bursitis over time. 

Runners are particularly prone to bursitis around the hips, while many racket sports players develop bursitis around the shoulder. 


A joint becomes dislocated when the two bones within the joint become separated. Dislocations are often painful and may damage the surrounding tissue, causing pain, inflammation, and even immobilization. 

Athletes who play contact sports (namely basketball and football players) and weightlifters are particularly prone to dislocations. 

Regenerative therapies are an effective, non-surgical solution to many common sports injuries. Schedule a free consultation at the Regenerative Orthopedic Institute today to learn more!