10 December 2021
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10 December 2021, Comments: Comments Off on Causes of Chronic Neck Pain

Neck pain can vary greatly in severity, from a small twinge to a deep ache. Unfortunately, for many Americans, neck pain is a chronic and even debilitating problem. If you’re experiencing persistent neck pain, finding the root of your injury is a good start on the path to relief. 

The most common causes of chronic neck pain include:

Poor Posture

Over time, poor posture can strain your neck and cause chronic pain. With proper posture, the chest is open with the ears positioned directly over the shoulders. However, it’s common to have the head in a forward position, especially if you’re looking down at a smartphone or hunching at your desk. 

On average, the human head weighs about 11 pounds. When your head is too far forward, that weight puts additional stress on the cervical spine (the neck). This can lead to chronic neck pain and may worsen the symptoms of spinal conditions, such as degenerative disc disease. 

Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is a term used to describe various types of degeneration in the cervical spine. Cervical osteoarthritis, cervical degenerative disc disease, and cervical herniated discs are among the most prevalent conditions that can be described as cervical spondylosis. These conditions can cause inflammation and nerve compression in the neck, which can lead to chronic pain. Although cervical spine degeneration often occurs as part of the natural aging process, it can be slowed down with regenerative treatments like stem cell and PRP therapy. 


Whiplash is a common injury that occurs when the neck is whipped rapidly back and forth. This injury is especially prevalent among car accident victims. While many patients heal from whiplash without complications, around one in ten people with whiplash have lasting symptoms. 

Chronic neck pain may occur when whiplash isn’t treated promptly as it can injure the soft tissues in the neck, including the nerves and ligaments. When these injuries aren’t properly taken care of, they can cause recurring neck pain, achiness, and stiffness. 

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