Yes, You Can Alleviate Your Arthritis Pain Permanently

10 May 2017
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10 May 2017, Comments: Comments Off on Yes, You Can Alleviate Your Arthritis Pain Permanently

When penicillin was first discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928 and then used to cure the first patient, an infant with an infection, in 1930, it completely transformed the medical industry. Less than 100 years later, scientists have achieved the 21st century equivalent of penicillin: stem cell therapy. Stem cells exist naturally in the body but have only recently been researched and studied with enough dedication for doctors to understand their true capabilities when harnessed in a medical capacity. If you are coping with arthritis pain that is diminishing your overall quality of life, stem cells could be the key to your relief.

What Are Stem Cells, Exactly?

The human body is composed of billions of cells. The majority of those are specialized cells that work together to create organs, muscles, joints, and bones. However, there are also cells called stem cells that don’t have any specific designation or purpose. Instead, stem cells wait to be “assigned” a role in the body, usually when minor injury or illness causes the need for new, healthy cells to replace cells that have died. This system works well until the body experiences significant trauma, at which point the body’s natural regenerative process cannot automatically overcome the damage that has been done. When this occurs, weakness, pain, and less functionality develop as a result.

Why Does Stem Cell Therapy Help Arthritis?

Stem cell therapy is now capable of promoting the body’s natural healing process by obtaining stem cells from a number of different sources and injecting them back into the body for a specific healing purpose. Since stem cells are able to divide and duplicate themselves as they develop into the specific type of cell needed to heal an injury or illness, they can positively transform a patient’s health.

In the case of arthritis, stem cells can be delivered directly to the joint and instructed to rebuild lost cartilage in the joint or collagen in tendons and ligaments. This simple, quick, and powerful procedure makes it possible for the body to reverse its arthritis condition and naturally eliminate symptoms, which is a huge change from standard treatments that simply mask the symptoms but never improve the condition.

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