Why Use Regenerative Medicine to Manage Your Pain?

20 January 2019
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20 January 2019, Comments: Comments Off on Why Use Regenerative Medicine to Manage Your Pain?

Pain is a chronic and unrelenting health problem for many people around the world. When terrible pain interrupts daily life and causes long-term suffering, you’d do anything to feel normal again. Regenerative medicine finally offers that hope to people who have been forced to accept pain as a way of life.

Instead of merely masking symptoms, regenerative medicine can be used to legitimately manage, minimize, and even erase the source of chronic pain. This innovative medical practice provides the body’s diseased tissues and organs with tools like stem cells and PRP to rebuild and restore themselves. Should you be using regenerative medicine to manage your own pain?

Shoulder Pain Management

The ball and socket structure of the shoulder makes it one of the most mobile parts of the body, but that mobility often leads to injuries and recurring pain. Fortunately, arthritis of the shoulder joint, labrum tears, rotator cuff tears and tendonitis, and shoulder dislocations can all be handled using regenerative medicine.

PRP and stem cell treatments both use your own cells to repair damaged shoulder tissue so true healing can occur. These regenerative medicine techniques not only avoid the risks of harsher surgical and drug options, but they also address the underlying problem instead of focusing only on the symptoms.

Back Pain Management

The back is one of the most common sources of chronic pain, especially the lower back. Herniated disks, spinal stenosis, injuries, and scoliosis are all known to cause chronic back pain and result in stiffness, decreased movement, and an overall lower quality of life. While painkillers and prescriptions can mask back pain, and back braces and heat therapy can reduce the pain, regenerative medicine techniques can help the injured portions of the back heal entirely.


Chronic knee pain is a widespread problem that commonly limits the ability to walk, bend, or extend the leg. Regenerative medicine is transforming the potential for truly resolving chronic knee pain by supporting the repair of cartilage in the knee. Stem cells and PRP naturally seek out damaged tissue and transforming into cartilage cells that can repair the damage.

Regenerative Medicine Orthopedic Institute offers the most cutting-edge regenerative medicine treatments that have been proven to stimulate your body’s own powerful healing abilities and help you regain a pain-free quality of life. Call (813) 461-5125 to schedule your free consultation at Regenerative Orthopedic Institute today.