Three Most Common Elbow Injuries and Their Treatment

10 January 2020
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10 January 2020, Comments: 0

Some joint injuries are most likely to happen to athletes, but elbow injuries can happen to anyone. Elbow injuries can occur with repetitive movement over the course of months or years. They can also occur as an acute injury from overexertion or carrying too much weight. Here are the most common elbow injuries and how they can be treated.


Chronic overuse of a tendon is the most common cause of tendinosis. Tendinosis is a chronic condition in which collagen, a structural protein found in the body, begins to deteriorate. Restricting movement and weight limits could help improve the condition. Physical therapy may also be beneficial. However, it generally takes time for these injuries to heal. 

Ligament Sprain or Tear

Another common elbow injury is a ligament sprain or tear. This can happen if you have a fall and try to catch yourself. It can also happen with repetitive movement, or with another acute injury. Ligament sprains usually heal on their own, although some physical therapy may be needed to help strengthen the joint.

Tennis Elbow

The most commonly known elbow injury is tennis elbow. Don’t let the name of the condition fool you—more than just tennis players get this condition. Tennis elbow is also caused by repetitive movement over the course of years. It is very common in factory workers, construction workers, and other employees of manual labor industries. It is usually treated with physical therapy, although sometimes surgery is deemed necessary.

For all of these conditions, there are two additional treatments that may be effective in speeding up healing. Stem cell therapy and PRP therapy can be combined to give you a natural solution to elbow pain and injuries. To learn more, contact us today.

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