10 January 2022
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10 January 2022, Comments: Comments Off on The Benefits of RegenaJoint

If you’re struggling with chronic joint pain that won’t respond to non-invasive treatments, you may be facing the choice of undergoing surgery. While surgery is commonly used in the United States as a solution for persistent joint pain, it’s no longer your only option. With RegenaJoint, you can achieve pain relief without the risks and complications of joint surgery. 

What is RegenaJoint?

RegenaJoint is a regenerative treatment option that combines stem cells, platelets, and growth factors. With these components, RegenaJoint harnesses the body’s own healing power to help patients recover from chronic joint pain. As an alternative to joint surgery, this innovative treatment has proven to be safe, effective, and non-traumatic. 

The Four Steps of RegenaJoint

RegenaJoint is completed in four steps:

  1. To plan the injection procedure, the patient’s medical history and imaging studies are reviewed and a physical exam is completed. This exam includes an extensive assessment of the affected joint using an ultrasound. 
  2. The patient’s own regenerative cells and platelets are collected, concentrated, and injected into the affected joint and surrounding tissues. 
  3. A PRP is injected into the joint and surrounding tissues. This second injection is intended to stimulate further stem cell development. 
  4. The patient implements lifestyle changes with recommended exercises and nutrition to support the health of the joint. 

What Are the Benefits of RegenaJoint?

The key benefits of RegenaJoint are:

  • Unlike surgery, this treatment requires minimal recovery time and is performed as an outpatient procedure. 
  • The patient’s own regenerative cells and platelets are used for the treatment – no foreign substances are injected into the body. 
  • RegenaJoint stimulates the body’s own healing process, rather than using an artificial joint or surgical devices to fix the damaged joint. 
  • The treatment takes only an hour to complete. 
  • Over time, RegenaJoint will decrease inflammation and pain from the damaged joint. 

RegenaJoint is exclusive to the Regenerative Orthopedic Institute. If you’re struggling with chronic joint pain, schedule a free consultation today to learn if this regenerative treatment could work for you!