10 May 2020
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10 May 2020, Comments: Comments Off on The Basics of Stem Cell Therapy

As you may know, our medical practice incorporates the use of stem cell therapy to treat orthopedic concerns such as arthritis, shoulder injuries, joint injuries, and chronic joint pain. While there are other potential treatments for these conditions such as pain management, physical therapy, medications, and surgery, stem cell therapy can be of more benefit. In fact, stem cell therapy can prevent the need for surgery, even when it seems inevitable. Here is what you need to know about the basics of this therapy and how we use it in our practice.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

Stem cell therapy is the process of injecting stem cells into the affected or injured joint. The stem cells are able to help jumpstart the body’s own healing process. They stimulate new cell growth, which can stop the deterioration of a joint and even perhaps improve it. Often stem cell therapy will facilitate enough healing to relieve chronic joint pain. Stem cell therapy can also decrease your recovery time from an injured joint.

Where the Stem Cells Come From

The stem cells that we use in our practice are harvested directly from the patient. We will take stem cells from your own body, usually through fat tissue or bone marrow from the hip. Once the stem cells have been isolated and processed, they will be injected into the problem joint for treatment.

Our practice only uses your own stem cells for these procedures, which removes ethical concerns. It also means that there is no chance of rejection of foreign stem cells, so they will be able to do their job with no real side effects.

Stem cell therapy for orthopedic conditions is a safe and effective alternative treatment for chronic joint pain and joint conditions. If you are interested in learning more, contact us today to schedule an appointment.