Is Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis Safe and Effective?

10 January 2019
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10 January 2019, Comments: Comments Off on Is Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis Safe and Effective?

Regenerative medicine has revolutionized the entire field of medicine, making it possible to repair damaged tissues and organs and restore high functionality using nothing but the body’s natural healing processes.


It sounds amazing, but it’s true. Regenerative medicine treatments like stem cell therapy actually stimulate the body’s existing regenerative capacity and make it possible to resolve difficult conditions and diseases without relying on surgery, medications, and other risky procedures. The question is, can stem cell therapy be used safely and effectively for the most prevalent chronic joint condition, arthritis?

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a serious and chronic condition of the joints. It isn’t just one single disease, but actually an umbrella of diseases like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and dozens of others.

Most people are familiar with osteoarthritis, the “wear and tear” condition that destroys the slick, cushioning surface of cartilage on the ends of bones and causes bones to painful rub against each other during movement. Over time, osteoarthritis causes swelling, stiffness, and loss of range of motion.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?
Stem cells are essentially “blank” cells that can directed to serve a specific purpose. Once stem cells differentiate into another type of cell, like bone and cartilage cells, they self-replicate to replace or heal the injured tissue of that type in the body. At the same time, stem cells are also known to reduce inflammation and prevent cell death.

Stem cell therapy offers support for healing beyond what the body can achieve alone. This regenerative procedure is significantly safer and more efficient than surgery, painkillers, cortisone injections, and other traditional arthritis treatments. Since the stem cells come from a patient’s own body, there is virtually zero risk of complications. As soon as stem cells are injected, they immediately begin working to replace and heal the damaged tissues.

Treat Your Arthritis With Regenerative Medicine Now

At Regenerative Orthopedic Institute in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Erick Grana expertly uses stem cells to treat arthritis, spinal cord injuries, knee and back injuries, and so much more. Rather than attempting a risky and inefficient joint replacement or relying on dangerous pain medication, you can benefit from the life-changing results of stem cell therapy for arthritis.

Why operate when you can regenerate? Regenerative Medicine Orthopedic Institute offers the most cutting-edge regenerative medicine treatments that have been proven to stimulate your body’s own powerful healing abilities and help you regain a pain-free quality of life. Call (813) 461-5125 to schedule your free consultation at Regenerative Orthopedic Institute today.