Home Activities to Maintain or Improve Range of Motion

10 August 2020
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10 August 2020, Comments: 0

One of the most important things you can do to avoid joint replacement surgery is to improve your range of motion in the joint. As the joint becomes more flexible, the inflammation and swelling that cause pain will decrease significantly, improving your quality of life. 

There are several ways that we can help you delay or avoid surgery. We often use an integrative approach with more than one treatment, such as combining stem cell and physical therapies.

Physical therapy is one of the best ways that you can avoid surgery. The stronger and more flexible a joint is, the less pain and stiffness you will feel. Even though it can be very tiring and sometimes painful, exercises such as these are very effective. Physical therapy can also help you prevent further injury to the joint.

While your doctor may prescribe physical therapy, you should also be doing some basic exercises at home to strengthen and work the joint. Your physical therapist will give you some exercises to do at home, but you might talk to them about these additional flexibility exercises from Healthline. Keep in mind that you should get the go-ahead from your doctor before starting any new exercises.

Need to know more to make an informed decision about your joint condition? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and examination.

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