10 July 2019
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10 July 2019, Comments: Comments Off on Avoid Surgery with Stem Cell Treatments

Have you been told that you are going to need surgery for your joint issues? Whether you have a torn rotator cuff or shoulder injury, arthritic knees, or spinal issues, there are a number of new treatments that can help you avoid a difficult surgery and long recovery. One of the most effective new treatments is stem cell therapy. Here’s how these treatments can help you avoid surgery.

Rebuilds Joints

Stem cells injected into the affected joint or spine can actually help heal and rebuild tissues. Studies have found that stem cell therapy can help stop the progression of cartilage loss in knees and other joints, and it may even help build new cartilage to reverse the effects of arthritis. Stem cell therapy has also been proven to help heal torn rotator cuff shoulder injuries by knitting the muscles and tendons in the affected area.

Combine with Physical Therapy

Combining stem cell therapy with physical therapy and other treatments can help greatly reduce your dependency on pain medications and delay or prevent surgery from being necessary. Physical therapy in particular helps strengthen joints. And when combined with stem cell therapy, it has been shown to greatly improve outcomes without surgery. Of course, physical therapy and any other treatments still take time, so you may have a long road ahead of you.

Completely Safe and Effective

The stem cells used in treatments for joints come directly from your own body. These stem cells are obtained either from fat or bone marrow, usually from the hip. Because it is your own body’s stem cells that are used, the procedure is completely safe, usually has no side effects, and can be highly effective.

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