10 November 2019
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10 November 2019, Comments: Comments Off on Avoid Surgery with Stem Cell Treatments

If you have an orthopedic condition such as a torn rotator cuff, other shoulder injury, knee injury, or arthritis, you may have been told that you will eventually need surgery, yet there are some treatments available that might help you put off or avoid surgery altogether. Not every doctor offers these treatments, but at our practice we have many options for you to consider.

What Are Stem Cell Treatments?

Stem cell treatments are injections of stem cells into the affected joint. The stem cells are collected from your own body, usually from the hip or from fat. Once the stem cells have been collected and processed, they are suspended in your own plasma and injected into the joint needing repair. The process doesn’t take long in our office, and the benefits can be staggering.

What Stem Cells Do

Stem cells prompt the body’s own healing response. You see, the body has its own mechanisms for healing itself. These processes slow down as we age, and sometimes they are not effective in healing an injury. Stem cells stimulate healing in the affected joint, so that other treatments such as physical therapy can be more beneficial.

Next Steps

If you are interested in avoiding surgery, your next step is to contact our office for a complete examination. We will review your medical history, make an examination, and order any necessary imaging so that we have a complete picture of your injury. We will then discuss all of your options with you and the treatments that we feel are complementary to the stem cell treatment and the healing process.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.