20 December 2021
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20 December 2021, Comments: Comments Off on Aches and Pains You Should Never Ignore

Minor aches and pains often go away within a few days. The cause may be soreness from an intense workout or even sleeping in the wrong position. However, certain types of pain may indicate a significant injury and require medical care. 

The types of pain that you should never ignore include:

Pain in an Area That Was Previously Injured or Operated On 

Areas of the body that have previously been injured or operated on are more vulnerable to complications. If you have this type of pain long after you’ve healed from the initial injury or surgery, you should likely get it checked out by a medical professional. Your doctor can identify any complications and ensure that you receive prompt treatment before the pain worsens. 

Severe or Lasting Pain in the Lower Back 

If you’re experiencing pain in the lower back that’s severe or does not go away within a few days, it’s wise to visit a spine specialist for an evaluation. Pain in this region could be caused by a spinal injury or condition, such as a slipped disc, arthritis in the lumbar spine, or degenerative disc disease. Spinal injuries often become worse and more difficult to treat when they’re left alone, so do not hesitate to see a doctor for this type of pain! 

Pain Combined With Severe Swelling or Deformity

If you’re experiencing pain in any area of the body and it appears different than usual, you should visit a doctor for an examination. Severe swelling and/or deformity indicates a severe issue that’s unlikely to go away on its own. 

Pain That Limits Your Mobility

Significant pain that sharpens when you try to move the affected body part is cause for medical treatment. Whether in a joint or your spine, when pain significantly limits your range of motion, it’s important to get it checked out. Pushing through this type of pain could exacerbate the injury and prolong your recovery period. 

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