5 Ways to Prevent Back Pain During Everyday Activities

25 January 2023
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25 January 2023, Comments: Comments Off on 5 Ways to Prevent Back Pain During Everyday Activities

Experiencing back pain while performing your day-to-day activities can be debilitating. With back pain, it’s difficult to be productive throughout the day and even to get a good night’s sleep. This creates a cycle that prevents your back from healing.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take throughout your day that can protect your back and encourage healing. This article will discuss five ways to prevent back pain during everyday activities. 

1. Stay Mobile

Moving throughout the day keeps blood circulating through your muscles and prevents joint stiffness. It’s widely recommended to move for a minimum of five minutes every hour to promote mobility and avoid back pain. 

2. Establish Balance

Our bodies are meant to be symmetrical. A harmonious balance on both sides of the body keeps your spine in a neutral position, with your muscles working together to avoid back strain. If you sense an imbalance in the structure of your body, seek out professional help to correct it. 

3. Use Both Sides

Sticking to your dominant side for all of your activities can lead to a muscular imbalance and overuse on a single side. Try switching to your non-dominant side for activities throughout the day to decrease your chances of injury and pain. 

4. Take Breaks

Whether your work is physical or mental, overworking yourself can lead to fatigue. Take breaks throughout your day to prevent fatigue and strain. 

5. Correct Your Posture

Everyone is guilty of slouching their backs from time to time throughout the day. Bad posture can lead to back strain and pain in your joints. Remind yourself throughout the day to correct your posture by taking long and deep breaths while sitting upright. This process will neutrally position your body without forcing your shoulders back and tightening your muscles. 

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