Regenespine - Lower Back Pain

Tom’s Case Study: Treating back pain after 2 back surgeries

Tom was recovering from his 2nd back surgery, when the pain all came back. He had severe pain in the lower back and down his left leg, into his foot. He was in constant pain and his abilities limited him to being almost house bound. He could not get out in the yard, or travel like he had before. Tom came to the Regenerative Orthopedic Institute and spoke with Dr. Grana about the Regenespine Procedure.

The Stem Cell Procedure:

RegenaSpine was developed to provide long-term relief of chronic neck and low back pain without surgery by using the body’s own healing power. RegenaSpine uses a combination of stem cells, platelets, and growth factors to treat all of the components of chronic neck and low back pain: the discs, the joints, and the surrounding tendons and ligaments. RegenaSpine provides relief of chronic spine pain without surgery and using the patient’s own cells to promote regeneration and healing.

RegenaSpine is an innovative, high-tech, safe, effective, non-traumatic procedure with minimal recovery time that is performed in an outpatient setting.

Tom’s Results:

At a 4 month post treatment interview, Tom was asked how he tolerated the procedure. “No problem at all, I was put under because my neck and back both had to be treated, so I felt nothing from that. I had a quick recovery, and the procedure itself was not bad at all.”  Tom was then asked how long his recovery time was. He replied, “Within the first 3-4 days I realized the pain from my left foot and leg had diminished, almost completely gone. At the end of a week, it was all gone with only a slight bit of pain left in my lower back.”

We asked how things are now with Tom. “Since the procedure we’ve been able to take a long plane ride to Europe…9 1/2 hours! The pain is gone.”

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