When to See Your Doctor About Chronic Joint Pain

10 July 2020
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10 July 2020, Comments: Comments Off on When to See Your Doctor About Chronic Joint Pain

Have you been coping with increasing pain and stiffness in your joints? Many people silently cope with chronic joint pain because they assume it is a natural part of getting old, or they just don’t want to take the time to go to the doctor. But when joint pain reaches a certain level, it becomes imperative that you see a specialist. Here are some signs you need to see a doctor for your chronic joint pain.

Limited Range of Motion

Do you have difficulty moving the joint the way it should? If you are having joint pain that keeps you from fully extending or bending the joint, it won’t be long before it starts limiting your ability to engage in the activities that you need and enjoy, like cleaning house or going for a walk in the summer sunset. When range of motion is affected, it’s time to take action.

Limited Mobility

If you are coping with joint pain in the knees, ankles, or hips, you could have difficulty sitting, standing, or walking. Depending on the amount of labor and movement required for your job, you might not be able to work. You’ll also start having to sit out when children or grandchildren want to play. There is no reason to sacrifice your quality of life.

Pain Management

If you are avoiding going to the doctor because you don’t want to be put on pain medication, you are really just making your condition worse. There are a lot of different treatments that can significantly reduce chronic pain, including physical therapy.

Our preferred treatment is stem cell therapy. Using stem cells collected from your own body, the treatment may stimulate the body’s natural healing process to reduce pain and restore some strength to the joint.

If you are tired of suffering chronic joint pain, contact us today for an appointment to learn more about how we can help.