Understanding the Difference Between Tendinitis and Arthritis

10 October 2022
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10 October 2022, Comments: Comments Off on Understanding the Difference Between Tendinitis and Arthritis

Tendinitis and arthritis are two common conditions that can cause persistent pain. However, though the names may be easily confused, tendinitis and arthritis are distinct conditions with different causes, symptoms, and complications. 

Below, we’ll cover the key differences between tendinitis and arthritis, as well as the available treatment for each.  

Tendinitis vs. Arthritis

Tendinitis is a condition affecting the tendons, which are fibrous tissues that link muscle to bone. It occurs when a tendon becomes inflamed, either due to overuse or a sudden injury. Tendinitis most commonly occurs in the shoulder, elbow, and Achilles tendon, which is located behind the heel. 

Arthritis also involves inflammation, but of a joint – not a tendon. Arthritis is used as an umbrella term for joint inflammation, and it comes in many different forms. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common types of this condition. Additionally, arthritis can occur in any joint in the body. 

Treatments For Tendinitis

Generally, tendinitis can be effectively treated with conservative methods including rest, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy. This condition generally only requires surgery if it involves the rupture of a tendon. 

If tendinitis leads to chronic pain, patients may consider regenerative treatments to heal the damaged tissue.  

Treatments For Arthritis

Unfortunately, there’s currently no cure for arthritis. However, it’s often successfully managed with lifestyle adjustments, low-impact exercise, medication, and heat/cold therapy. If arthritis leads to severe joint damage, physicians may recommend surgery. 

Regenerative medicine is an emerging treatment option for arthritis that can help heal the arthritic joint without the need for surgery. Additionally, when compared to prescription medications, regenerative treatments may provide lasting pain relief for arthritis patients. 

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