(PRP) and Shoulder Labrum Tear

Hunter’s Case Study: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) helps with right shoulder labrum tear

History of Joint Problems:

thumbnailHunter C. is a 16 year old male involved in high school sports. While playing for the football team he made a tackle and injured his right shoulder. When baseball season approached and he tried to pitch for the baseball team, the pain in his right shoulder was aggravated. An MRI scan of Hunter’s shoulder showed a tear of the shoulder labrum (a soft tissue rim surrounding the shoulder joint and keeping the arm bone, the humerus, in place). He was not able to pitch that season and he was told that surgery was required. Looking for alternatives to surgery, his father brought Hunter to our office. We explained them that the labrum tear could be healed with a precise injection using concentrated platelets from his own blood (PRP).

The Stem Cell Procedure Solution:

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can be combined with stem cell injections and injections of growth factors to maximize the natural healing process. PRP is a process where the doctor extracts some blood, spins it at high velocities to separate the components of the blood and to concentrate the platelets. This platelet concentrate is then injected into the injured area. Platelets contain growth factors that promote healing. After an initial period of inflammation and soreness that lasts a few days, patients start to notice decrease in the pain and improvement of function. The healing may take 4-6 weeks but is long lasting. Because the blood components injected comes from the patient’s own body, side effects and complications are almost non-existing.

Hunter’s results:

Hunter started feeling less pain after having an injection of PRP into his shoulder labrum using ultrasound guidance, used to place the needle in the correct place. Five months after this procedure Hunter was pain free and pitching his baseball, working out, and happy that he was able to avoid shoulder surgery.