Knee Osteoarthritis (2)

Christine’s Case Study: Stem Cell Procedure for severe osteoarthritis of both knees

History of Joint Problems:

UntitledChristine S. is an 80-year-old female who had severe pain in both her knees due to osteoarthritis. She had severe osteoarthritis (bone on bone) and had been recommended to undergo a bilateral knee replacement surgery. She wanted to avoid surgery and came to us looking for alternatives. At the time, Christine had very limited function. She had marked pain, an 8 in a 0-10 pain scale, even when sitting. She had a constant limp, used a cane, and felt instability of her knees often in daily activities. It was impossible for her to go up and down stairs. She also had constant swelling in her knees.

The Stem Cell Procedure solution:

We recommended stem cell therapy with our RegenaJoint protocol for Christine’s knees. RegenaJoint was developed to provide relief of chronic joint pain without surgery by using the body’s own healing power. RegenaJoint combines stem cells, platelets, and growth factors that are injected right into the affected structures inside and around the joints with the help of ultrasound and/or x-ray guidance.

The adult stem cells used for RegenaJoint come from the patient’s own body (autologous).  These cells may be harvested from the bone marrow, fat, or both. The concentrated platelets come from the patient’s own blood. Once the stem cells are separated from the bone marrow or fat, and the platelet rich plasma is separated from the blood, they are combined with growth factors and injected into the affected joint and surrounding ligaments or tendons. This is all done on the same day and it takes about 1 hour.

Christine’s results:

Christine had an early positive response and started to feel improvement within a couple of weeks. Two months after the initial injection Christine already had between a 75-90% improvement in the pain on her knees, with a significant improvement in function as well. At the one-year post-procedure mark, Christine had maintained her improvement in pain. She no longer has a limp and no longer uses a cane, her pain is present only during severe exertion, she rarely feels instability of her knees, and has no swelling on her knees.

Christine was so pleased with the results of the Regenajoint procedure done in her knees that she recently came to us for treatment of some chronic low back pain she has been suffering for years. She had the RegenaSpine procedure done in her low back earlier this month.