Hip Arthritis

Oscar’s Case Study: Stem Cell Therapy Helps Patient with Hip Arthritis

History of Joint Problems:

Oscar presented with a condition in his left hip called arthrosis, also known as osteoarthritis (OA). This is the most common type of arthritis which is caused by normal wear and tear on the joints and cartilage. Oscar has had symptoms for approximately 12 years, and says he has felt pain for a long time. When asked if he has problems walking, Oscar answered, “Lots of problems, lots of pain.”

The Stem Cell Procedure Solution:

Dr. Grana whose key area of practice is stem-cell joint therapy treated Oscar’s left hip with the non-surgical treatment that harness the body’s healing potential through a natural process that combines growth factors and bioactive cells to repair the joints. Stem cell therapy is routinely combined with platelet rich plasma (PRP). This is a concentrate of platelets from the patient’s own blood. Among the effects of platelets is the release of growth factors into diseased or injured tissue. These growth factors stimulate the stem cells to regenerate new tissue. Stem cell therapy is a repair process than takes several weeks to occur. Even though the repair can take 2-3 months, improvement of pain and function can be seen much earlier.

Oscar’s Results:

In a post treatment interview, Oscar was asked about his pain after the treatment, to which he replied, “Before anything, I would like to thank you Dr. Erick Grana, Katherine and your staff. Like you had explained to me in the beginning, this treatment was going to take time. After the first treatment I felt nothing, but then a month later I had another treatment and started feeling the results. A month and a half after that I felt the pain going away in my left hip. After three months of treatment, the pain has disappeared.”

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