6 March 2013
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6 March 2013, Comments: Comments Off on ARE JOINT REPLACEMENT SURGERIES SAFE?

As our population gets older, the number of joint replacement surgeries performed in the United States is increasing at an alarming rate. The United States perform joint replacement surgeries at a much higher rate than most other developed countries. That number increased by 50% just in the last decade.
Any joint surgery involves significant risk. Infections and blood clots are among the most common complications following joint replacements. But lately, reports of increased incidence of strokes and heart attacks after joint replacements have been published in the medical literature. In a recent study, patients over the age of 60 were found to have a significant higher risk of suffering heart attack during the 2 weeks following a joint replacement surgery. Hip replacement patients were 25 times more likely to suffer a heart attack. Knee replacement patients were 30 times more likely to suffer a heart attack.
Regenerative treatment is a new state-of-the-art conservative option with the potential of using the body’s own healing powers to restore function and decrease pain in patients with chronic joint pain. All of this while avoiding the risks and complications of possible joint surgery.