20 July 2022
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20 July 2022, Comments: Comments Off on Telltale Signs That You Strained Your Back

Back pain is extremely common and can stem from something as simple as an odd sleeping position. So, you may not think twice about minor back aches and pains as you go about your day. But, that pain could be stemming from a back strain. 

What is a Back Strain?

A back strain is an injury to muscle or tendon tissue in the back. This may occur if a back muscle or tendon is pulled, torn, or twisted. Tendons are bands of tissue that link muscle tissue to bone. 

Strains and sprains are commonly confused. However, while strains affect muscle or tendon tissue, sprains affect ligaments, which are the sections of tissue that connect bones within a joint. 

Your back is responsible for bearing high amounts of impact whenever you walk, run, lift objects, and carry out various other day-to-day activities. This is why the back (and the lower back, in particular) is so susceptible to injuries like strains. 

Signs of a Back Strain

You may have strained your back if you’re experiencing:

  • Dull, achy back pain

A strained back muscle may feel sore and achy. Tingling, electric-like pain is associated with back nerve irritation, rather than a strained back. 

  • Pain that worsens with movements

With a strained back, your pain is likely to become worse with motions that involve the affected muscle or tendon. 

  • Muscle spasms or cramping

A strained back can trigger sudden tightness and cramping in the back muscles. 

  • Decreased range of motion

Straining your back is likely to limit your back flexibility. You may be unable to bend, stretch, and twist the back normally with this type of injury. 

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