1 June 2015
1 June 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Letter From a Grateful Father

This letter is from the father of one of our youngest patients. Hunter is a high school student who came to our clinic with his father seeking an alternative to surgery after an injury to his right shoulder prevented him from pitching for his high school team:

“My son Hunter is a pitcher for Gaither High school and a defensive tackle for the football team. During one of the games he made a tackle and tore his labrum on his pitching shoulder. We were told that surgery would be required. Not wanting to have surgery on my 16 year old son we found Regenerative Orthopedic Institute and had a consultation with Dr. Grana and his nurse, Ms. Knoll. We felt extremely comfortable and they educated us on the procedure. In January he had the procedure done. Hunter is now throwing the baseball, lifting weights, and he is back to normal. My goal was to have him pain free. I didn’t think that he would be able to be back, let alone throw a baseball again.”

We are very happy that Hunter’s father decided to avoid surgery for his son and took a different path, finding out about regenerative therapy and using his son’s own cells to heal his athletic injury.  With just one treatment Hunter was able to avoid surgery. He is completely pain free now and is able to resume his off-season training. We are looking forward to seeing him pitch for Gaither High next season!

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