Chronic Neck Pain? Here's What You Should Know

10 May 2018
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10 May 2018, Comments: Comments Off on Chronic Neck Pain? Here’s What You Should Know

Chronic neck pain is a serious condition that can’t be ignored. As the coordinated network of nerves, bones, joints, and muscles controlled by the brain and spinal cord, the neck is meant to provide strength, stability, and nerve communication. Unfortunately, such a vital part of the body can also become overwhelmed with pain when something goes wrong.

Are You Suffering From Chronic Neck Pain?

The most common signs of neck pain include stiffness, sharp pain, soreness, and shooting pains that radiate up into the head or down into the extremities. It’s also possible that symptoms of neck pain can present themselves indirectly, such as with coordination problems and difficulty gripping objects. If these symptoms of neck pain do not resolve themselves within a few weeks and instead become chronic, they can interfere with sleep and daily activities.

Why Does Chronic Neck Pain Develop?

Strains and sprains are the most common causes of neck pain, and are typically brought on by sleeping in the wrong position, poor posture, whiplash, and sports injuries. However, it’s also possible that degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, cervical osteoarthritis, and spinal stenosis can also lead to chronic neck pain.

Treating Neck Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

There are plenty of medications and surgeries that target neck pain, but they pose significant risks without addressing the core cause of your neck pain. Most medications only mask symptoms without improving your physical health at all, and the majority of surgical procedures have not been found to deliver statistically significant results.

Stem cell treatment offers a completely natural way to actually regenerate the damaged tissue causing problems in your neck. Stem cells are cells found naturally within your body that contain potent healing power and virtually limitless capabilities to repair the body. By having your own stem cells injected into the injured areas of your neck, those stem cells activate to repair and replace damaged tissue. Over two to three months, your body heals itself and your pain gradually diminishes.

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