15 October 2018
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15 October 2018, Comments: Comments Off on 3 Reasons to Choose RegenaJoint™

How long have you been living with chronic, debilitating pain? Maybe you need 10 ibuprofen tablets just to get up in the morning. Whether your pain is a result of age or trauma, you don’t need to accept this pain and degeneration as a permanent part of your life.

Stop relying on traditional treatments that can only temporarily reduce your pain, and turn your attention to the ground-breaking regenerative medicine treatments now available. Regenerative treatments like stem cells and PRP can improve your range of motion, enhance your quality of life, and give you back your vitality.

What’s Wrong With Traditional Treatments?

The traditional treatments used to handle joint pain are not always successful. In fact, all they can do is temporarily reduce pain. Treatments like cortisone injections rarely improve the condition of the joint, and common surgeries pose significant risks of complications. Far too many joint surgeries are ineffective or result in further damage to the body.

This is exactly why RegenaJoint is such a valuable and ground-breaking treatment for people with joint pain. RegenaJoint combines two potent healing components, stem cells and platelet-rich plasma, in order to stimulate accelerated and comprehensive healing in the body.

  1. RegenaJoint Uses Your Body’s Own Healing Power

RegenaJoint takes the body’s innate healing ability to the next level by injecting stem cells and platelets into the tissue of the injured joint. Stem cells regenerate and replace damaged tissue with new, healthy cells while the platelets offer growth factors that supercharge the regeneration.

  1. Restore Your Comfort and Range of Motion

The RegenaJoint treatment doesn’t merely suppress pain. It actually encourages the joint tissue to regenerate and heal, which is why this procedure can make the body healthier and eliminate pain for the long term. You can combine RegenaJoint with proper nutrition and exercise to create a safe, effective, and non-traumatic method of escaping chronic joint pain for good.

  1. Forget About Recovery Time and Pain

Unlike joint replacement or repair surgery, RegenaJoint is a very simple procedure that does not require patients to suffer through an extensive and painful recovery time. The RegenaJoint treatment only takes one hour, and patients can walk out the door and return to normal activities after the treatment ends!

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